How Do I Take Care of My Nose After Rhinoplasty?

The initial healing phase after rhinoplasty surgery lasts for one to two weeks. Practicing good post-op care during that time will speed up your recovery and set you up for success. Here are some tips to take care of your nose:

  •         Rhinoplasty recovery tipsDon’t wear glasses: Avoid throwing on a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses right after surgery. Because they put pressure on the bridge of your nose, glasses could create bumps or indentations in the healing tissue. Consider switching to contacts or taping your glasses to your forehead instead.
  •         Ice the area: You can decrease bruising and swelling by carefully icing your nose or applying a cold compress. Stick to about twenty minutes an hour for the first two days. Icing after 48 hours should generally be avoided because it constricts your blood vessels, which may delay healing.
  •         Sleep slightly elevated: Keeping your head above your heart is an easy way to reduce swelling and minimize fluid buildup. Try sleeping in a reclining chair or propping yourself up on a few extra pillows for the first week after surgery. No matter which option you choose, don’t lay on your side or stomach.
  •         Don’t blow your nose: It’s perfectly normal to feel stuffy and congested post-rhinoplasty. But you’ll need to remind yourself not to blow your nose. Doing so could cause bleeding and get in the way of proper healing.
  •         Use a saline nasal spray: An over-the-counter nasal saline solution can help your nasal passages feel less irritated and dry. Starting the day after your surgery, you can begin irrigating your nose three to six times a day. If you have gauze packing inside your nose, you will need to wait until it’s been removed.

Here’s another aftercare step you won’t want to skip: Attending your follow-up visits. Dr. Sean Weiss needs to see you several times after surgery. These appointments are the best way to monitor the healing progress of your nose, so be sure to make time for them.

Get Personalized Post-Op Recommendations

Rhinoplasty recovery looks slightly different for every patient. You may need to follow specific recommendations based on your job or the type of procedure that you have.

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