The VI Peel is a medium-strength, medical-grade chemical peel from VI Aesthetics that minimizes signs of sun damage and aging. This includes fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and tone.

The peel also targets acne and acne scarring. It works by removing both the epidermis and the uppermost section of the underlying dermal layers, allowing them to be replaced by smoother, brighter skin.

Chemical peels like VI Peels can treat various concerns, including fine lines, large pores, dullness, hyperpigmentation, active breakouts, and acne scars.

You’ll see results as soon as skin stops peeling, which is about a week after your treatment.

The VI peel includes phenol which helps to numb the skin and make the treatment more tolerable.

It can be used anywhere on the body, including the neck, chest, and hands.

For the week leading up to your treatment, you’ll be asked to stop using prescription retinoids as well as any products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid; beta hydroxy acids, like salicylic acid; or benzoyl peroxide.

Immediately after your peel, your skin will look darker as the pigmentation is brought the surface of the skin.

By day two and three your skin will not have peeled yet. By day four you should begin to have peeling around the mouth and the peeling will continue to move towards the outer perimeter of the face over the next 3-4 days.  It is extremely important to follow your provider’s recovery guidelines closely. We recommend not doing any physical exercise that will make you sweat for at least 3-4 days.

We carry three different versions of the VI peel. VI original peel, VI purify, and VI Precision Plus. The original peel is $275 and the other two are $300.

The appointment takes less than 30 minutes and patients are sent home with everything they need to take care of their skin afterwards. This includes cleanser, post peel towelettes, a hydrocortisone cream, and sunscreen.

We schedule chemical peel appointments Monday-Friday.

Vi Peel Before & After