Cheek Enhancement

Strong cheekbones are universally flattering. If you are looking for a way to get higher, fuller cheeks, consider cheek enhancement in New Orleans with Dr. Weiss. This facial plastic surgery procedure can give you near-instant results that last.

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What is Cheek Augmentation?

Woman after cheek enhancementCheek augmentation, also known as cheek enhancement, is a cosmetic procedure that adds fullness and height to the cheek area. While temporary augmentation can be done with fillers, surgical augmentation involves placing a soft silicone facial implant for long-lasting definition. Cheek implants are body-safe medical devices that come in a range of styles and sizes to fit every patient’s needs.

Many patients seek out this surgery to correct age-related changes in the appearance of their cheeks, such as sagging and volume loss. Others are concerned with addressing cheeks that appear flat or thin due to genetics. Cheek augmentation can accomplish these goals while creating scaffolding that lifts your entire face for a youthful look.

Cheek Enhancement Candidates

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your cheeks, cheek enhancement may be the ideal solution. You may be a great candidate for this procedure if you:

  • Have flat or undefined cheekbones
  • Wish to correct age-related changes in your cheek area
  • Are looking to correct congenital facial deformities or those caused by injury
  • Are physically healthy
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are a non-smoker or are willing to quit temporarily

The best way to learn if cheek enhancement is right for you is to meet personally with Dr. Weiss. During this consultation, he will meticulously evaluate your candidacy based on your goals, medical history, and other relevant factors.

Your Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Cheek augmentation is an individualized procedure. Dr. Weiss will discuss the exact procedural steps that you can expect during your consultation. Generally, the process of placing a cheek implant takes several hours.

Dr. Weiss occasionally performs this procedure in the office with local anesthesia, which makes the entire cheek area numb. More frequently, patients are asleep under general anesthesia for cheek implant surgery.

After administering anesthesia for your comfort, Dr. Weiss will make a small incision either inside the mouth or under your eyelid.  Then he will insert the implant and close the incision. Once healed, these incisions are typically not noticeable.

How long does cheek augmentation surgery take?

Cheek augmentation with implants typically takes between one and one and a half hours to complete. Your exact surgical timing may vary. It depends on factors such as the details of your procedure, your facial structure, and your decision to undergo complementary surgeries such as rhinoplasty or chin augmentation.

Dr. Weiss understands how important it is for you to know what to expect from your cheek augmentation. During your consultation at our Metairie practice, he will provide an in-depth explanation of the procedure and give you a personalized surgical time estimate.

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Cheek Augmentation BenefitsWhat are the risks associated with cheek augmentation surgery?

Cheek augmentation is a safe way to improve your facial contours and replace lost volume. Plastic surgeons have been using cheekbone implants since 1956. These medical devices are made of body-safe silicone and have a proven history of success.

That said, all surgical procedures carry some risk. You can significantly minimize the chance of complications by visiting an experienced provider.

Dr. Weiss is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who has extensive experience placing cheek implants. He has the knowledge and skill needed to provide the unparalleled level of care you deserve.

How can I prepare for cheek augmentation surgery?

Dr. Weiss will tell you exactly what steps you should take to be ready for the day of your cheek augmentation surgery. He will provide easy-to-follow pre-operative instructions and remains available to answer any questions you may have leading up to the procedure. Here is a general idea of what you can expect.

Patients who smoke are advised to quit several weeks prior to surgery. Smoking has a negative effect on the healing process and increases the risk of scarring, infection, and unwanted surgical results. It’s also best to avoid alcohol and non-prescription anti-inflammatories because of their blood-thinning properties.

What is the recovery process like after cheek augmentation surgery?

Recovering from cheek augmentation surgery is relatively easy. Most patients can return to their usual activities in about one week. Occasionally, you may experience a longer period of social downtime due to swelling or bruising.

Cheek augmentation recovery involves some aftercare. You will be given specific post-surgical instructions that may include:

  • Temporary activity restrictions
  • What foods to eat and avoid
  • Sleeping positions to protect the surgical site
  • Medications to take orally or apply
  • When to follow up with our facial plastic surgeon

Is cheek augmentation surgery painful?

Cheek augmentation surgery with implants is always performed under local or general anesthesia for your comfort. You should not feel any pain during this quick procedure.

It’s normal to experience some discomfort immediately after getting cheek implants. Fortunately, it can be easily managed with pain medication.

We are committed to providing you with a positive experience. Dr. Weiss will gladly give you additional tips for a smooth recovery.

Will cheek augmentation surgery leave scars?

Like any invasive cosmetic surgery, cheek augmentation does leave scars. The good news is that these scars are not typically visible once healed.

Incisions for placing cheek implants are often made inside the mouth so that no one will ever see them. Sometimes, the incisions are located discreetly under the eyelid. Talk to our Metairie facial plastic surgeon Dr. Weiss to learn what your unique surgical plan will entail.

Cheek Enhancement Results

Cheek augmentation offers immediate, predictable results, though they may be obscured at first by swelling. Unlike fillers and other non-surgical forms of cheek augmentation, implants are a permanent solution. You will be able to enjoy your final results for years to come.

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