Hair Restoration

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration

You don’t have to accept hair loss or eventual baldness. ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration offers a permanent solution that can help you achieve thick, natural hair without the drawbacks of traditional transplant procedures.

Dr. Sean Weiss was the first to perform the state-of-the-art ARTAS procedure in Louisiana and has since done more hair grafting procedures using this technology than any other provider in the New Orleans area. The maker of the ARTAS device recognizes him as a Provider of Clinical Excellence.

Learn how Dr. Weiss can help restore your hair and confidence with the minimally-invasive ARTAS system. Schedule a consultation today by calling 504-814-3223. Dr. Weiss welcomes patients from New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana.

How Do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair transplantation involves moving healthy hair follicles from a donor area, usually the back or side of the head, to a section of your scalp that is thinning or bald. Once relocated, the follicles can work to grow thick, natural hair in the areas you need it most.

Hair transplant procedures have a high success rate because hair grafts are usually immune to the conditions that cause baldness, leaving you with hair that lasts. When performed by a skilled professional using advanced technology, the results can look incredibly natural and flattering.

What Makes ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Unique?

ARTAS robotic hair restorationDr. Weiss uses the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system for hair transplant surgeries. This FDA-cleared device takes small, natural groupings of hair follicles from the donor site and transplants them one at a time using physician-controlled, robotic-assisted technology. ARTAS features advanced cameras, sensors, and digital imaging that help choose the best hair from the donor area with precision.

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is the most sophisticated way to ensure that hair grafts are healthy and capable of growth after transplantation. This method is attractive to many patients because it does not involve the drawbacks of Follicular Unit Transplantation, also called FUT or strip surgery.

The benefits of hair restoration using ARTAS include:

  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • No linear scar at the donor site
  • No stitches or staples
  • Minimal discomfort during and after the procedure
  • Short recovery time
  • Permanent, natural-looking results
  • Increased confidence

One of the biggest advantages of the ARTAS procedure is that it is virtually undetectable. Without stitches or a lengthy scar, you’ll be able to wear long and short hairstyles with confidence.

Candidates for ARTAS Hair Restoration

Ideal candidates for a hair transplant procedure such as ARTAS have some hair left. Unfortunately, hair transplants cannot be performed if you no longer have hair.

Beyond that requirement, the procedure is appropriate for patients of many different ages and may be a good option starting in your 20s and 30s. For younger age groups, an ARTAS hair transplant is often done to achieve subtle hairline restoration or thicken the crown area. It may also be an option for older adults looking to improve the results of a previous strip surgery.

Dr. Weiss understands how difficult hair loss can be. During your confidential consultation, he will answer your questions and thoroughly evaluate your candidacy to ensure that ARTAS is the solution you are looking for.

“Had an ARTAS hair transplant 9 months ago with great results. The procedure was done in an expert and professional manner. My follow up care has been superb, I would highly recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone interested in this procedure.” -Patient Testimonial

What to Expect From Your ARTAS Procedure

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is an outpatient procedure performed in our modern on-site operating room. Hair restoration surgery requires only local anesthesia, and you will feel virtually no pain.

The ARTAS procedure generally takes between four to eight hours, depending on the degree of transplantation needed to achieve your hair goals. You will be seated during the process. Dr. Weiss will be with you the entire time and can make adjustments to ensure your comfort.

Post-procedural healing happens quickly, and you can resume most normal activities after one or two days. Most of Dr. Weiss’ patients prefer to take a few weekdays off and return to work on Monday.

Since transplanted hair grows in phases like natural hair, you will begin to see new, healthy strands approximately three months after your ARTAS procedure. At roughly six months, you should enjoy a noticeable improvement in the look of your hair. The final results of an ARTAS hair transplant are visible after a year.

Learn More About Robotic Hair Restoration in New Orleans

Men with hair loss choose Dr. Weiss because of his aesthetic skill as a facial plastic surgeon. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Weiss today at 504-814-3223 to learn if ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is right for you. We serve New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana.