Chin Augmentation

How Long Do Chin Implants Last?

Perfect and clean skincare wearing natural makeup.Chin implants improve the profile of a person’s face. They can help balance out a receding chin and give you a more defined jawline. 

If you’re considering having one placed, it’s important to know how long they last and whether they need replacements. Here are some things that your surgeon will want to discuss with you before placing any permanent implant:

Chin Implants Lifespan

Chin augmentations should last a lifetime. However, they may need to be replaced depending on factors such as how well your surgeon places the implant into your body and how well you take care of yourself after surgery.

Depending on the type of implant utilized and its placement within the body, the longevity of chin implants varies from patient to patient. Different materials and shapes create chin implants, so it’s vital to consult with your cosmetic surgeon to choose which is ideal for you. 

How Do You Take Care of a Chin Augmentation?

The first step is to see your surgeon post-op. At this visit, your surgeon will check the implant’s healing. They may also ask about pain or suffering to prescribe the right medications or treatments.

Follow all postoperative care guidelines, including taking prescribed medications and sticking to food restrictions. Additional consultations are suggested but not required after the first. Following surgery, your surgeon will monitor your progress and ensure everything is healing properly. 

Can I Remove the Implant if I’m Unhappy With the Results?

If you are unhappy with chin augmentation results, you can typically remove it. However, this may not be possible in all cases. For example, if your chin implant is attached to a larger implant, removal may not be possible without causing additional problems such as scarring or asymmetry.


Chin implants can do wonders for improving your self-confidence and how you look. Dr. Sean Weiss of Sean Weiss Facial Plastic Surgery is an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in chin implants. 

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