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What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin (BTX) is an injectable compound that inhibits the communication between nerves and muscles. BTX weakens the ability of a nerve to stimulate a muscle to contract or move.

How does Botulinum toxin Work?

Botulinum toxin is a medical treatment that involves injecting medicine directly into specific muscles of the face. After being injected into the muscle, the neuromodulator will prevent or weaken a particular muscle movement. This limitation of muscle movement allows for effective wrinkle reduction in a variety of clinical situations.

What do BTX injections Treat?

Botulinum neuromodulation can be used to treat many different conditions by Dr. Sean Weiss.

These include the following:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Gummy smile
  • Narrowing a wide jawline
  • Masseter hypertrophy
  • Chemical brow lift

The common areas where neuromodulatiors are used to smooth lines and wrinkles include:

  1. 11 lines between the eye brows
  2. Forehead lines or creases
  3. Crow’s feet around the eyes
  4. Smoker lines around the lips
  5. Banding lines in the neck

Injections can also be used to treat a gummy smile. When patients smile there are times when they have excess movement of the upper lip that allows for the appearance of both teeth and the gum line. Using a conservative amount of Botulinum toxin, the muscles that raise the upper lip can be slightly weekend to prevent full movement of the upper lip. This can significantly soften and improve a gummy smile.

Some patients have a wide jawline secondary to a large muscle called the masseter.  This muscle may be large due to clenching/grinding or patients can be born with a large muscle. This muscle can be injected with BTX to weaken it and cause it to shrink. This can have a slimming effect on the lower third of the face. This is a common treatment for patients of Asian descent and patients with a history of grinding or clenching.

What Functional Conditions can Botulinum Toxin Treat in the Head and Neck?

Neuromodulators can be used to treat:

  • Facial Nerve Synkinesis
  • Hyperhydrosis (excess facial or underarm sweating)
  • Bruxism (grinding and/or clenching of teeth)
  • Migraine Headache

Do Injections to treat wrinkles hurt?

Injections by Dr. Weiss are extremely well tolerated, as he is an expert injector with surgeons skills. Dr. Weiss and his team take many steps to ensure your comfort during injections.  We use the smallest needle possible, and also use multiple fresh sharp needles during the injection to ensure comfort. The injections themselves take between two and seven minutes.

How Long will injectable wrinkle treatments Last?

Botulinum toxin results are temporary. The average patient will need a repeat injection 3 to 4 months after their treatment. There are some patients who maintain longer-lasting wrinkle reduction.

At What Age Should a Patient Start having Injections for Wrinkles?

In my opinion, age is not a factor in the decision making process of when to start. You should consider starting wrinkle prevention when you begin to see fine lines or wrinkles in the areas of repetitive muscle movement that do not go away when the muscle is at rest.  This can occur in patients in their 20s or may not occur until patients are much older.

Can Botulinum toxin be Used to Prevent the Formation of Wrinkles?

Yes! This treatment is commonly used in a preventative method to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, the 11 lines, crow’s feet, and smoker’s lines.

Cost of Botulinum toxin injections in New Orleans?

It is likely that more experienced and highly trained injectors will have a higher price than less experienced and trained professionals. Generally speaking, there is not a huge difference in overall cost between the highest-priced and lowest-priced cost of injections. The cost will depend on the number of areas treated and the units required. Our staff will be able to give you a cost for wrinkle injections in New Orleans and Metairie over the phone if requested.

Why Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Your Wrinkle Injections?

Dr. Sean Weiss is a double board-certified, fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon. His knowledge of facial anatomy and injection techniques are superior others. Dr. Weiss prides himself on excellent results and delivers treatments that are specific to your individual concerns and desires. When considering needle injections into the face, shouldn’t you trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon?

How do I Schedule a Consultation for Wrinkle Treatment in New Orleans?

To schedule a consultation to learn more about wrinkle reduction using injectable neuromodulators and Dr. Sean Weiss – Facial Plastic Surgery, call (504) 814-FACE. (504) 814-3223. We look forward to seeing you.