Facial Fat Grafting FAQ

Who is a good candidate for Fat Grafting?

Healthy men and women who are interested in diminishing lines and/or adding fullness to the face are good candidates for fat grafting. In general, patients with more body shape and more fat are considered better candidates than those patients who are very thin. These ideal patients have fat cells that are more robust and plump which are more likely to provide volume enhancement when placed elsewhere.

How is the Fat Grafting procedure done?

Both the liposuctioned and the injection sites areas are numbed with local anesthesia prior to treatment. This minimally invasive procedure includes the gentle liposuction of excess fat; the isolation and purification of the removed fat; and injection of the excess fat cells into the targeted areas of deficiency.

What is Fat Grafting recovery like?

Bruising and swelling typically occur but resolve within 1-2 weeks.  Most people can return to normal activities within 1 week. It will take 6-8 weeks to see your final result.

What other procedures are typically combined with Fat Grafting?

Many patients combine fat grafting with laser treatments to further address smile folds, skin aging and skin laxity.