Chin Enhancement FAQ

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Who is a good candidate for Chin Augmentation?

A good candidate for chin augmentation is a healthy adult who wants to make their face more symmetrical or who wants to build up the size of a small or receded chin. Someone whose chin does not project outward sufficiently to be in balance with the mid to upper face is an ideal candidate for this procedure.

How is the Chin Augmentation procedure done?

For chin augmentation surgery, Dr. Weiss makes a small incision near the place where the implant will be placed, either in a crease below the chin or inside the mouth at the gum/lip junction. A pocket is then made in the facial tissue; the implant is inserted, and the incision is sutured. The chin is taped to secure it in place while it heals. Dr. Weiss removes the sutures 5 to 10 days following the procedure while sutures placed inside the mouth will dissolve in a similar period of time.

For bone advancement, Dr. Weiss makes a small incision on the inside of the mouth. He then cuts the bone on either side of the jaw to advance it forward and secures it with small plates and screws. Dr. Weiss usually performs this type of surgery on patients needing 10mm or more advancement of their chin.

What is Chin Augmentation recovery like?

Dr. Weiss wraps dressings around the head and tapes the chin for approximately a week to heal in an upward position. Patients should consume a liquid diet for the first couple of days following the procedure to avoid uncomfortably chewing solids.

Bruising and swelling typically resolve within 1 – 2 weeks.  Most people can return to normal activities within 1 week.

What other facial procedures are typically combined with Chin Augmentation?

Dr. Weiss combines chin augmentation with rhinoplasty to help balance the facial proportions between the nose and chin. This creates a more natural-looking result without making the new nose stand out too much. Also, a face/neck lift is often performed in conjunction with a chin augmentation to improve the contour of the neckline.