Hair Restoration Options for Those With Hair Thinning and Loss

nervous girl looking in the mirror her scalpAt Sean Weiss Facial Plastic Surgery, we help with more than just browlifts and facelifts. Dr. Sean R. Weiss helps Metairie, LA, area patients with hair restoration as well. No longer do you have to accept that you are experiencing hair thinning and loss with the natural process of aging. Now, you have options that provide you with natural-looking results and thicker, more voluminous hair on the scalp. We are pleased to offer hair restoration with the ARTAS® hair restoration system, which provides an advanced and reliable way of transplanting hair from one area of the scalp to the areas where hair thinning and loss have occurred. This advanced system ensures dramatic, noticeable, yet natural-looking changes.

What Are the Benefits of the ARTAS® Hair Restoration System?

There are several advantages to restoring your hair with the ARTAS® system, including the following:

  • FDA-cleared device
  • No staples and stitches
  • Shorter healing and recovery time
  • More natural results
  • Permanent improvements
  • Minimally-invasive
  • Increased hair thickness

Additionally, the developers of the ARTAS® system have recognized Dr. Sean R. Weiss of Sean Weiss Facial Plastic Surgery as a Provider of Clinical Excellence. Along with his double board certification, you can rest easy knowing that you are under the best care possible for your aesthetic needs!

What Can I Expect During My ARTAS® System Treatment?

This outpatient procedure is performed right in our operating room under the care of our experienced and skilled team of professionals. Local anesthetic is used to ensure no pain or discomfort as the procedure is performed. It can take up to eight hours, depending on how much hair is being restored, but you are seated and comfortable during the entire process. Most patients take a day or two off of work before returning, thanks to the expedited healing achieved with this specialized device.

Take Charge of Hair Thinning and Loss Today!

If you are located in the area of Metairie, LA and want to speak to our team of professionals about your options for hair restoration after thinning and loss, connect with our double board-certified doctor. Call 504-814-3223 to request an appointment with Dr. Sean R. Weiss to discuss the benefits of hair restoration with the ARTAS® system.